Disclaimer: All the Pregnancy Centre Services are Confidential. Any personal information shared on this blog about any of our clients has been approved by that client for us to share. We never share personal information without approval. The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre is a safe place for you. Note: The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre does not provide abortions or abortion referrals.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Become A Life Ambassador This Summer!

This summer, become a Life Ambassador (LAmb) and help save the life of a "little lamb." An ambassador is a "champion" or a "supporter" and "little lambs" are coming to us at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre who need your help.

We need 100 supporters to help us save lives this summer. More than ever, God is leading women and their partners to us who are looking for an abortion. But when they receive the truth about their baby's development and the procedures and risks of abortion, their hearts are moved and some are changing their minds and choosing life to their little one.  Others are being pressured toward abortion and when they receive our support, they find the courage to follow their heart and carry their little one to term.  One of these new Moms wrote me and said, "She's a great baby. Just turned two months old. I'm very tired - being single parent is hard. But I am happy I have her."

We need your help to sustain this mission for the long term so we can be here not only for these new Moms and Dads and babies, but also as they go through pregnancy, the birth of their baby and the parenting / adoption that follows. We want to bridge them to the fellowship of the local church.

Between now and August 31, we need to add 100 supporters to sign up to give $20 a month or more to help reach these Moms, Dads and babies in need and minister to them as we bridge them to the local church. We will simply arrange to have your gift deposited from your bank account to ours - or you can use a credit card.

We have found these little Webkinz Lambs for a crazy low prize, so we are offering everyone who becomes a Life Ambassador a little lamb Webkinz as a prayer reminder, or we will send it as a gift to the person of your choice. Quantities are limited, so please act now.
 Please pass this on to others if you already give monthly!

To make a monthly gift of $20 or more, simply email, text or call us today! 
Email: info@asafeplaceforme.com
Text / Phone: 902.670.8510

For more information on the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, please visit our website at: www.asafeplaceforme.com.

Celebrating 20 Years of Ministry 
[The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, PO Box 723, Kentville, NS B4N 3X9]

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Safe-r Place For Me

Special Thanks to the generosity of special donors for funding the re-paving of our entrance today.  Our doorway had a four inch drop from the door to the sidewalk.  It was not only difficult for strollers coming in the door, but very dangerous to pregnant mothers leaving our mission.  With bags of baby items or a large tummy, it's hard to see the drop to the pavement and we have had a few trip up and even fall when leaving.  So to do our best in serving those we minister to, we have now been able to pave the sidewalk making it "barrier-free" with no step down from the door!  This is a huge advantage to those we serve in terms of their health and safety.  So, thank you to the special supporters of this mission as well as to Little's Construction for their awesome work!

For more information on the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, please visit our website at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

She Thought The Bible Study Was Good!

One of our Moms taking our rewards-based parenting program decided she would like to try the Bible study part of the parenting program.  So this was the first time for her studying the Bible and what it was all about.  Two of our awesome volunteers were with her and working through the material together.  After they were done, I asked the Mom what she thought of it.  She had a big smile on her face and she said, "It was good!"

What an honor to share God's Word with those who have never looked at it before ... what an investment in the lives of her children.

Please pray for her, that God's Spirit would awaken within her a hunger not only for His Word, but for Him, Himself, that she might come to know Him and praise His glorious grace.

We are looking for more help Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons, so if you have time over the summer, consider popping in to see us.

For more information on the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre and our mission here in the Annapolis Valley, please visit our website at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

Friday, June 12, 2015

She Needs A Place to Live ...

A young lady in Kentville needs a place to live.  Do you know of a place she could stay?

If so, please call / text Bill at 902.670.8510.

If not, please pray for her.

Thank you, and God bless you!

UPDATE:  She found a place to live!  Thank you for your prayers!  God is Good.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank You Scotiabank!

Thanks to Scotiabank Kentville for hosting a BBQ today in support of the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre and Open Arms! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer has Arrived!

You can tell when summer has come when the babes at the Centre put on their shades :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Help Us Spread The Word during the Apple Blossom Parade!

We've just received our order of business cards for advertising during the Apple Blossom Parade!  We're looking to create a team of energetic folks to help us pass these out along the parade route before the parade begins.  So if you or your group are looking for some fun, please call or text 902-670-8510 and we'll make arrangements to get these cards to you to share that day.

For more information about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, check us out online at www.asafeplaceforme.com or visit us at 104 Webster Street in Kentville.

You Can Direct Your United Way Giving to Us!

Did You Know:  YOU can donate to us through your work's United Way Campaign!

Are you aware that you DO have a choice in where YOUR money goes that YOU give to the United Way?  You are allowed to specify what organization you would like your contribution to support.  It will go to the United Way Campaign and then on to your specified charitable organization. That’s right! So, let your employer know if you have a preference.  The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre is one organization that would be happy to receive your donation!

We, at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre do NOT receive money from the United Way unless it is specified as described above.

For more information about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, please visit our website at www.asafeplaceforme.com or drop in to see us at 104 Webster Street in Kentville.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Professor of Excellence!

May all our professors in all our universities and colleges be as caring and compassionate and supportive as he!

For more information on our ministry on campus at Acadia University, check out our website at www.acadiapregnancysupport.com.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Raising the Roof (and funds) for Moms, Dads & Babies

What an awesome night at the Waterville Baptist Church where a full house gathered for an evening of great music by the Berwick Men's Choir in support of the mission of the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre.  About $800 was raised and God was praised in this special offering of music and song!

If your church would be willing to host a music night this summer for the Centre, please contact us by calling 902-670-8510.

For more information about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, check out our website at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Awwwwww Two and a Half Weeks Old!

We get to witness God's miracles a lot here at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre ... and one just walked in our doors!  Little Daniel is only two and a half weeks old and doing very well.  His mom comes in very often because of the quality of care and information she is receiving through the best parenting resources on the market today.  Our rewards-based parenting program is formed by gathering all the very best parenting resources available, dividing the information into bite size pieces (lessons) and creating a question & discussion sheet for each lesson.  These multimedia lessons are given highest ratings by both the Moms and Dads we serve as well as community professionals who have been through the program.

If you have an afternoon to spare, there is a needy Mom and baby who would love for you to sit and learn alongside them and just be their friend.  You'll soon be witnessing the same miracles of God that we do on a regular basis, like little Daniel here.

To find out more about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, check us out online at www.asafeplaceforme.com or drop in to see us during the week.

Winners' New Minas Staff Baby Shower!!

Winners' New Minas Staff had a blast hosting a baby shower as a way of supporting women and babies in need in their community through the mission of the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre!  Aren't they awesome?!  Thank You, Winners!!!

If your business or group or family or friends or class or school or church would like to join the fun, go for it!  We really need lots of infant items, and we are quite low on infant boy clothes.

It's a joy to serve the community in Jesus' name, sharing His love and truth with compassion and grace.  For more information about us, check out our website at www.asafeplaceforme.com or pop in to visit us at 104 Webster Street in Kentville!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Do You Like Most?

"What do you like most about the services you received [here at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre]?" is one of the several questions we ask all our guests who drop in to visit us.  We ask how they would rate our services and how sensitive and effective we are in caring for their needs and if they would recommend us to others in their situation. 

My heart was warmed by the reply to this question written by one of our guests this week.  Her answer to this question was, "Being able to learn with the videos / questions and being able to get things for my babies for doing it!"  Now she says that she'd like to do the Bible Study part of the parenting program ...

This is a photo of hand made quilts (middle), hand made receiving blankets (left and top) and hand made crib sheets (right and bottom) that love-filled hearts brought in for our guests this week which are some of the gifts our Rewards-based Parenting Program offers in our Baby Boutique.  The Parenting Program draws from the very best Parenting Resources on the market today (DVD series mostly) and breaks them down into bite size pieces for our guests who then "earn" reward points that go toward beautiful gifts like these.

We're always looking for gentle, sensible, compassionate women and men who would be willing to sit with one of our guests through these multimedia parenting sessions and learn along with them to let them know they are not alone.  So if that rings a note in your heart, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or text at 902.670.8510 or email us at info@asafeplaceforme.com.

For more information on the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, you can find us online at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

LovEd Training Event Date Set! Get In On The Action!

Get Trained to Share This Resource!

LovEd is a 5-10 session Science Based, Interactive, Multimedia presentation for youth in schools or youth groups and we have been presenting across the Valley and beyond.  It teaches the value of saving sex for marriage and how to build strong relationships while you wait.

This program has received rave reviews from parents, students, teachers and youth leaders across the Valley, New Brunswick and PEI.

You are invited to receive training in this awesome resource!  The Training is Free!

Training is scheduled for Thursday evening, April 30th (6:30PM -9:30PM) and Friday, May 1st (9:00 AM to 5:00PM)

You Need To Pre-Register.  So Call or Text us Today at 902-670-8510 to register today.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fantastic Job!

Awesome helpers got all the winter clothes sorted and stored away with excellence!  Praise God!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time for All Things

Wow!  "Hand Made with Love" baby quilts for the guests of the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre from the ladies of "A Time for All Things" quilting group.  What beautiful gifts of love!

Moms and Dads can receive these hand made quilts as "rewards" for doing lessons from our parenting program called "Earn While You Learn."  Each time they do a lesson, they earn a "Baby Buck" which they can use to "buy" something in our Baby Boutique, like these beautiful quilts.

Our parenting program selects the finest parenting instruction videos on the market today and breaks them down into lessons with question sheets to go along with a video.  Our guests come in and select the lesson they would like to learn and watch the video in a private lounge and one of our staff goes through the answers with them and talks about any questions they have.

If you would like to join us and have an afternoon once a week or once a month you could spend with our guests, we would like to hear from you.  We are presently needing helpers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons.  Give us a call or text today at 902-670-8510 to learn more.

Monday, April 13, 2015

His Daughter ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Original)

Molly Kate sings of the young women we seek to reach and minister the grace and love of God to. Join us today. Find out more about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Our Newest Arrival

Praise God for this newest arrival... She is so precious!  Mom and baby are doing well. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf as they and their family start this new chapter of life together.

For more information about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, find us online at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

Friday, April 10, 2015

We're MAD about the Mad Hatters of Kentville!!!

The Mad Hatters of Kentville put on a "Royal Baby Shower" in honour of Princess Kate and Prince William's precious little one on the way.  The Mad Hatters bought and made the most awesome assortment of baby items for needy Moms and Babies here in the community and brought them to the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre today!  Thank You, Mad Hatters!!!

If you or your family or your group or your church or your neighborhood are able, we sure could use some newborn clothes and larger size diapers and anything else you can think of.  We try to stay away from Dollar Store items just because they often don't last and we really want to bless these Moms and Babies in need.

For more information about the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, check out our website at www.asafeplaceforme.com.  You can also text or call us at 902.670.8510.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Friend Is Needed!

Do you know someone who has a lot of time on their hands?  A brand new mother here in the Annapolis Valley needs someone to be with her and her baby while the father is at work.  If you know someone who could help this person out, please call or text us at 902-670-8510.  Thank You!

Grandmother Needs a Change Table :: Please Help

We have a Grandmother caring for her young grandchild who has outgrown being changed on a dresser.  It's too dangerous to keep changing there, so we are asking that if you know of a good quality change table that is not in use right now, please call or text us at 902.670.8510 as soon as possible.  THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Google Adwords are Working!!!

 We are so thankful for Google Adwords!  People are finding us and finding us for the right reasons - when they are pregnant and looking for abortion information.  Please pray for these people who are finding us online that through our website (www.asafeplaceforme.com) and our location on 104 Webster Street in Kentville, we will be able to help those like the one who called us this morning - someone looking for information on abortion.  We have information that they usually not receive.  Check out our "Abortion" page for more.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fall 2014 Feedback (Love) from Our Clients

Fall 2014 Comments on Exit Interviews
98% said the staff seemed very interested in them and their needs.
98% said the staff were “very sensitive and respectful” to their beliefs.
95% said the information the staff provided was “very helpful” to them.
97% said they would “strongly recommend” the Centre to a friend who was facing a problem pregnancy.

Here's what they wrote: 
  • They were very helpful and very pleasant to be with
  • You’re very helpful in any way possible when needed
  • They were very sensitive an respectful, very friendly and kind
  • I learned detailed information about my developing baby
  • What I like best is enjoying the courses and earning Baby Bucks for the Baby Store they have!
  • Couldn’t ask for a better place!
  • What I liked best was that I got to talk about what was bothering me.
  • I learned how to keep a baby happy
  • You couldn’t be better!
  • It’s great.  I wish there were this Centre where I lived before.  It’s very helpful and supportive for pregnant women.
  • The staff were sensitive to my beliefs.  They didn’t pry and were very friendly.
  • What I liked best was that I got some really, really nice things in the line of clothing for my children.
  • What I liked best was the people, the compassion and the prayer.  My visit was awesome!
  • They are good, helpful and respectful.
  • I liked that they are confidential
  • The warm welcome I received was what I liked best
  • I liked the non-judging, friendly, helpful and great staff!
  • I liked watching the DVDs and learning basic things on taking care of the baby.
  • Overall, I would describe my visit as, “Excellent.”
  • I felt welcomed right away.  They were very helpful and supportive and couldn’t be more helpful.
  • The ladies that work here really care – that’s what I liked best.
  • What I liked best was how wonderful I was made to feel while visiting.  The sensitive service was great and was as helpful as possible.
  • I liked the helpful instructions and information.  I love to come here.  I can learn so many things which I didn’t know about.
  • I liked that I got prayer for a friend of mine.
  • I would strongly recommend this Centre to a friend.  They are really caring people and willing to help.  They are very warm and I’m glad to see a place like this where people care.
  • They were compassionate and I loved the prayer.  It was awesome!
It is a delight and an honour to serve God by serving these wonderful people in our community.  We need your help to care for the increasing number of people coming to see us.  Visit us online for ways you can help:  http://asafeplaceforme.com/about.htm 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

24 Hr. Response Plumber to the Rescue!

Barry's not leaning over that toilet because he's sick ... but because he's AWESOME!!!

Thank you, Barry, for all your help and generosity!  Great hearts and quality workmanship are a rare and special combination!  God bless you!!! 

Keep Barry in mind for all your plumbing needs!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November is Adoption Awareness Month

For post-abortion support and/or adoption support, contact the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre:
Phone 902-678-6217, Text 902-670-8510, Email info@asafeplaceforme.com.  Check us out online at www.asafeplaceforme.com.

Monday, November 17, 2014

On the Phone with Scott Brison

I just had a wonderful conversation with Hon. Scott Brison, a member of the Canadian parliament from Nova Scotia. Scott has been the Member of Parliament for the riding of Kings-Hants since the 1997 federal election and he called me this morning in regard to a letter I wrote him about sex-selected abortion.  I was honored to hear from him and to hear his concern he also has for this important issue.  He shared his heart with me on the issue of abortion and I really appreciated what he had to say.  I think that his beautiful daughters have really been used by God to touch his heart in deep ways.  Scott let me pray on the phone with him for the work he does and for his family. 

Please pray for Scott and his family.  Write him to encourage him and share from your heart about the issue(s) you have on your mind so he knows what all the people he represents are thinking.

At the same time, it was great to have Hon. Leo Glavine (Lib) and John Lohr (PC) grace us with their presence (invited by other guests) at our 2014 Fundraising Banquet, "Life is Beautiful" held at the Old Orchard Inn on November 3rd where 220 supporters came to celebrate and empower this mission of Life here in the Annapolis Valley.  We were blessed to have received $54,000 toward our mission that evening.

First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given at the proper time. For this I was appointed a preacher and an apostle (I am telling the truth, I am not lying ) as a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth. Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and dissension. - The Apostle Paul (1Timothy 2.1-8)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Flyers for Advertising are Ready!

 Our new advertising flyers are ready!  These are images of the front and back of four new flyers - one on pregnancy, parenting, adoption and after abortion support.  If you know where we could put some of these, please let me know.  They are 4x9" rack cards (fit nicely on a rack display). 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nova Scotia Pre-Natal Classes Now Online Only!

Pre-natal classes (classes that deal with pregnancy, child birth and infant care) are no longer being offered by Public Health nurses.  They are now being offered only online.  So if you are pregnant or have a child up to 12 months of age, this website is for you. It's free to sign up, and you will automatically be grouped with others who are at the same stage of pregnancy / parenting.  You can find this website at https://novascotia.welcometoparenting.com/Default.aspxFor even more parenting support and education, contact us here at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre.  We have over $6,000 worth of the very best multi-media parenting education on the market today - and it's all free for you!  Lessons range in content from pregnancy to birth to parenting your newborn, toddler and even your teen!  We offer the privacy of a comfortable room, a flat-screen TV, snacks and just plain old lovin' care for you and your baby.  So give us a shout today to set up a time to drop in to see all we have to offer you.  Call or text us at 902-670-8510 or email us at info@asafeplaceforme.com

New Moms & Dads: Learn Your Baby's Language!

"It's so frustrating not to know why my baby is crying!"  Discover the 5 cries every newborn uses to communicate their everyday needs!  Your baby will cry less and settle faster as you learn the sounds for hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower gas pain and discomfort.  (Best applied up to 3 months old.)  This DVD set is the newest addition to our free, individualized parenting program available to everyone.  Just give us a call at 902.678.6217 or text us at 902.670.8510 to set up a time when you and your baby can come in to learn.  There are 2 sessions about 1/2 hour each.  Do them both in one sitting or pop in to see us twice.  We'll supply the private room, the comfortable seating, the flat screen TV and even the snacks!  We are here to help in any way we can for all new parents!  God bless you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Google Adwords Working!

Thanks to Google Grants for Non-Profits, our Google adwords campaign saw 1,647 impressions in October - an all-time high since we began this in May of this year.  We are thankful for Google's gift to us in these adwords, helping us get our information and services to those who need us most.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Please Join Us for Dinner at The Old Orchard Inn!

 Please Join Us For Dinner at The Old Orchard Inn!

Be Inspired!  Be Encouraged!  In this world of so much darkness, come and celebrate what God is doing in the home mission of the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre's ministry.  Join us for our fourth annual "Life is Beautiful" Fundraising Banquet at the Old Orchard Inn on Monday, November 3rd, 6:00 for 6:30 start. You must pre-register to attend (see below).

Join us for a delicious meal, inspiring testimonies of God's grace and an opportunity to participate with a generous financial gift to make it all possible!  You must pre-register to attend (see below).

No tickets at the door.  You must pre-register by calling 902-678-6217 or email info@asafeplaceforme.com or text 902-670-8510. 

Celebrating 20 Years of Ministry

[The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre, PO Box 723, Kentville, NS  B4N 3X9]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pregnancy Centers, Lies & Misinformation

"All Pit Bulls attack babies!"  How does that statement sit with you?  What if it was accompanied by a video showing every single Pit Bull attacking babies?  Hmmm.  But then, you may know Pit Bulls that are as gentle as a kitten and you'd doubt if it's true.  But what if you had never known a Pit Bull?  Hmmmm.  You might just be led to believe or consider it to be true. 

Well, in the same way, a recent video says Pregnancy Centers are all liars and deceivers deepening the pain of unsuspecting women who want to have an abortion.  They strengthen their case by showing all the centers on the video as being deceptive and manipulative and even show the tears of one woman deeply hurt by her experience with a pregnancy center.  But you know this isn't true for "all" pregnancy centers because you know centers that are not like that ... Well, maybe you don't "really" know how your local pregnancy center operates ... and this video may just make you distrust or question how they work.

The video names, "Care Net" pregnancy centers, and even has Care Net's CEO in the video giving a tour to the reporter.  But it does NOT explain the important fact that "not all pregnancy centers are Care Net pregnancy centers."  The centers they show as being misleading don't say if they are Care Net centers or not.  Why does this matter?  Because by naming Care Net and then giving sound bites from "pregnancy centers" it makes it look like all these deceptive centers are Care Net centers (which they are not).  We are associated with Care Net and we deeply appreciate the high standards, training and professionalism that Care Net offers its members.  Care Net does NOT advocate what Abby Johnson is quoted as saying in a training session.  Abby is not a Care Net trainer. (For more on dealing with the actual "false teaching" citations in the video, please see the end of this post.)

It is my prayer that this video will do two things: Make deceptive pregnancy centers smarten up or close down AND give an opportunity for those of us who are legit and up front to highlight the awesome work we do, in contrast to the sound bites offered in this video.

HBO's "VICE News" video called, "Misconception" depicts all Pregnancy Centers as deceivers who "try to talk women out of terminating their pregnancies" with "misinformation" to "discourage them from pursuing abortions."

If you take the time to watch the 18 min. video, the first problem is that it mixes the "political" arm of the pro-life movement with the "ministerial arm" of the movement.  Perhaps they do not know that Pregnancy Centers are not political, nor do they or their staff engage in protests or "shock value" graphics, or endorse political candidates, etc.

In response to this video, our pregnancy center (and all the ones I know personally) does not "try to talk women out of terminating their pregnancies" with "misinformation" to "discourage them from pursuing abortions."  One of the things we DO, however, is we work to meet women looking for an abortion.  We know that more often than not, women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy feel they are trapped by circumstances or lack of support and think they have no other option than abortion.  We exist to let them know that if they have any desire to bring their child to term, we are here for them before, during and after the birth of their child.  We have resources they may not know about and we want to tell them all about it.

Not only that, but we know that so many women who are facing their first pregnancy do not know about fetal development.  If they listen to popular media or visit websites like the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, they will be told (with pictures - scroll to the bottom) that their pregnancy is just a lump of cells - a blob of tissue, and they need to have an abortion right away before it "becomes a baby."  So we advocate for these women and seek to meet them to inform them of the truth of how their baby is developing so that they may make an informed decision.  That's why we put the "blob" image next to an actual video of the developing baby at just six weeks on our website under "abortion" so women can learn the truth and decide for themselves. 

Finally, we also want to inform women that the women who have talked to us say that they have suffered deeply after having had their abortion - that it was not the "eraser" that they had hoped it would be.  Women need to know that there are risks: physical, emotional and spiritual risks to abortion that they should consider before jumping into it.  We know that there could be those who escaped any negative impact from their abortion, but we have not talked to any.  When we told an abortion provider in our province that we had not found any women who came through an abortion unscathed, this doctor told us, "There aren't any."

We do advertise that we have information on abortion and risks, and, at the same time, we also advertise that we do not offer abortions or abortion referrals.  We are not a medical facility and only a doctor can refer for an abortion.  If someone contacts us looking for an abortion, we invite them to come in to talk with us.  We say that we have important information when considering an abortion.  We invite them to take time to slow down and think things through before they make a decision that will last for a lifetime.  Our approach is honest and gentle and sensitive.  One client left our office still determined to have an abortion.  A little while later, she called us to update her contact information so we would have her new phone number.  She knew that we cared for her and that we would be there for her even if she had an abortion.  She knew the information we gave her was life-affirming, and she didn't feel judged or condemned.  She felt that we were people who she could call on for help any time. 

Another client found our phone number online as she nervously Googled information on abortion.  At first, she had been excited to be pregnant, but then her friend pressured her to consider abortion.  So as she Googled for an abortion, she didn't take the time to read all about us on our website.  She just saw our phone number, called us and made an appointment to come in to see us.  It was only when she came in that she realized we weren't an abortion provider, but that we were a Christian organization (this is the first thing we go over with everyone who comes to see us, in case they missed it).  No deceit on our part, just a mistake on her part - but a mistake she was really glad she made.  Within ten minutes, without pressure or judgment, she had time to reflect on her situation and think about her upbringing and she decided that she would not have an abortion after all.  You can see the video story she and her (now) husband tell HERE.

We work hard to balance both truth and love in all we do at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre.  One way we evaluate how we are doing is to ask all our clients to share how their experience at our center was.  99% of our clients say that we are doing a great job, and we thank God for helping us build a reputation for excellence in the care we provide.  Our clients say they love how helpful and gentle and kind and generous we are for them.  They say they do not feel judged or pressured, but say things like, "I feel safe here."

We hate deception and we despise coercion.  We champion truth and openness as we seek to embrace, educate and empower both women and men with compassion, resources for their needs and a supportive environment where they know they are loved.  Thank you for taking the time to listen.  Please pray that this ministry will grow in excellence of service for all who need us.  For information on how you can partner with us in prayer, volunteering or financial support, please email us at info@asfeplaceforme.com.


Notes dealing with so-called "misinformation" given to clients as cited in this video
[First, I do not condone "actual" misinformation, such as lying on the phone that you offer abortion and won't discuss the price, etc.  Deception is never acceptable.  I've never heard of  a couple of the things mentioned, so on those I cannot comment.]

1. It is stated that a client had to watch a video at a Texas pregnancy center which lists "all the potential dangers of having an abortion, even ones with a small chance of happening."  These are then listed as, "Having an incomplete abortion, perforation of your uterus, toxic shock and possible death."  "Mental Health" problems from having an abortion are listed: "You may require Psychological Therapy to treat major depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse."  The reporter says that the American Psychological Association's research found no evidence for mental health problems arising from abortion.
The reporter must not know that in Texas, where this video portion is recorded, in 2003, the Texas Legislature passed the Woman's Right to Know Act, which states a woman's doctor must talk to her about certain things before she can have an abortion. In 2011 the Health & Safety Code was amended to require a sonogram and a private consultation with the doctor in person at least 24 hours prior to the abortion.  This information actually lists the possible physical complications listed above (and more) but also explains the possible mental health complications.
In the written version of the material (issued by the State of Texas) that is mandated for every woman to learn before an abortion, this is what it says about mental health concerns after an abortion:
Emotional Side of an Abortion
You should know that women experience different emotions after an abortion. Some women may feel guilty, sad, or empty, while others may feel relief that the procedure is over. Some women have reported serious psychological effects after their abortion, including depression, grief, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, regret, suicidal thoughts and behavior, sexual dysfunction, avoidance of emotional attachment, flashbacks, and substance abuse. These emotions may appear immediately after an abortion, or gradually over a longer period of time. These feelings may recur or be felt stronger at the time of another abortion, or a normal birth, or on the anniversary of the abortion.
Counseling or support before and after your abortion is very important.
If family help and support are not available to you, it may be harder for you to deal with the feelings that appear after an abortion. Talking with a professional counselor before having an abortion can help a woman better understand her decision and the feelings she may experience after the procedure. If counseling is not available to the woman, these feelings may be more difficult to handle. Many pregnancy-resource centers offer pre- and post-abortion counseling services; these centers are listed in the resource directory.
2. Increased risk of breast cancer.
Medical experts continue to debate the association between abortion and breast cancer. Research has shown the following:
1) Carrying a pregnancy to full term gives a measure of protection against breast cancer, especially a woman's first pregnancy.(1)  Terminating such a pregnancy results in loss of that protection.
2) The hormones of pregnancy cause breast tissue to grow rapidly in the first 3 months, but it is not until after 32 weeks of pregnancy that breasts are relatively more cancer resistant due to the maturation that occurs.(2, 3)
3) A Number of reliable studies have concluded that there is an association between abortion and the later development of breast cancer.(4, 5)
1. National Cancer lnstitute. Pregnancy and breast cancer risk. Available at: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/pregnancy. Accessed February 14, 2011.
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3. A woman counselor at a pregnancy center Detroit is quoted as saying that abortion doctors are in it for the money.  It is actually true that abortion is big business.  Abortion costs about $500 / abortion (same goes for Canada).  That's $50 million annually in Canada and $164 million / year (Planned Parenthood abortion income alone) in the States.  The average early abortion takes 7.5 minutes.  That's $3,750/hour.  That sounds like big business to me. 

4. A woman is quoted as saying that "actually seeing that little heart [beating]" ... I'm not sure why this is listed as misinformation.  The heart begins beating at around 21 days after conception and women who have had an ultrasound and were allowed to see (and hear) that heartbeat changed their mind and did not want to have an abortion after all.  This is vital information for an informed decision.

5. Another is quoted as saying, "Sometimes they turn to drinking and drugs to help them forget about [their abortion]." But "substance abuse" is listed in the State-published document when discussing difficulties some women face after having an abortion.  "Anniversary" pain is also listed.  So, again, I don't understand the "misinformation" applied here.

6. It is said that "tens of millions of [tax payer's] dollars" has gone to Crisis Pregnancy Centers [in the States] over the past decade.  Almost all of this was provided through the Bush administration's abstinence education funding for which many pregnancy centers applied.  These funds were used for this specific purpose and under the Obama administration, these funds have stopped.  One thing I agree with is the statement, "Federal funding should not go to those who are lying in their advertising."  Sounds good to me.  If anyone finds a pregnancy center that is lying in its advertising, misleading or handing out fraudulent information against scientific research, I fully support shutting them down.

7. A little "misinformation" of their own.  The video states, "The CPC, in the larger scheme of things, is part of the overall goal of taking away a woman's right to choose" and then they show this map:
This graphic is trying to depict that pregnancy centers are growing and overpowering abortion providers in the United States.  But take a look (above).  Do you really believe there are "zero" abortion providers in Arizona, New Mexico or Colorado or Michigan or Maine, etc.?  That's crazy.  That's "misinformation."  Take a look at this other map showing access to abortion in the States, which gives a totally different picture:
If "misinformation" is the problem, then VICE News needs some help, too.

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